step two...

For those of you who were here yesterday I mentioned that I have taken two rather large steps out of my 'comfort zone'.  If you read my post over at Playful Learning you already know about Step #2,
I have created a second blog!

It's called Creative Themes for learning and play and it is a collection of all of the information, book lists, materials, sources, links, photos, printables, etc., etc. that I use when I put together creative learning spaces for my children in our home.

I hope you will visit me there today (feel free to subscribe, follow, and/or comment!) and help me build the blog into a wonderful reference for those trying to plan and create inspirational spaces for their children to learn and play.

I invite you to email me with your links to creative posts that you have written, your Pinterest boards, photos or other sources of information that you use that relate to the themes that I have started to enter as well as the new ones on the way!  I have so much more to share to inspire you so I am really excited about this project!

Your kind comments and the number of visitors that come here (it continues to amaze me!) was what inspired me to put this information into your hands as well.
Thank you all!
~ joey ~

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