a first step...

I mentioned recently that I set some challenging goals for myself by working on two exciting new projects!
 Today I am happy to share with you the 'first step'...

Mariah Bruehl at Playful Learning has been an inspiration to me since before I started blogging.  We both share a love of creating fun, inspiring methods of teaching children as well as putting together organized, thoughtful, playful spaces in our homes.  I frequently refer to her book, blog and 'learning experiences' when planning the 
"creative themes" that I put together for my children.  She offers several fantastic e-courses and I have been fortunate to participate in two of them.  After finishing both courses I felt totally charged and inspired.
So I can't tell you how honoured I feel to actually be guest blogging there today!

Please join me at Playful Learning today as I will be talking about correct letter formation in early childhood and how important it is.  I have also included a tutorial on how to make a set of your own felt letter tracing cards to use with your children in their learning and play!

 I'll be back tomorrow with the "official" announcment of "step two"!
~ joey ~

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