piles of fun

Have you ever had one of those days when you thought
"Yikes, I hope no stops in to visit unexpectedly and sees all of this mess!"
Well today is one of those days so since you stopped by,
how about a tour of my home!?

 As you come up to the front porch mind the vacuum, we think we may have fleas in our office from my MIL's cat so I've been vacuuming a lot lately.
(I bet you are glad that you don't really have to come in?! ha ha!)

Ok here we are in the front entrance...with all of the piles of things to go elsewhere, like down to the basement, back to the library, out to my car, or over to my Mom's... you get the idea.

Oh and please walk quickly past the hallway to the bedrooms. I've been cleaning out the office, as well as "minimizing" the kids' bedroom and our hallway bookshelf which seems to be multiplying books on it's own?....so here I've created more piles...

And sadly our beloved branch fell down when I was adjusting the shelves that it was attached to.  So it's on the dining room table for now until I figure out what to do with this 4 foot arbutus branch!?

Oh and here are more piles behind the couch.  As I've been reorganizing I've been switching things into better suited types of storage containers and baskets thus creating this pile of empty containers and baskets.

Sigh...why is it when I declutter I seem to make more clutter?

Then we have the "semi-hidden" piles behind the other couch.

And my kitchen.  Which this morning was transformed into a tomato repotting station by my husband (ya!)....and then he went to work (boo!)  So just off to the right we have the pile of dishes that can't be washed until the tomatoes are moved.  And I can't do that until he comes home so I know which are which so I can label them.  Sigh....then I can make another pile of clean dishes!

Thanks for putting up with my messy home tour (and me poking fun at myself).  Since I usually blog about creating things I thought this would qualify as a creating piles post!

I think maybe I should just rename this post "reorganizing my home", call these my 'before' photos and post the 'after' photos when if I get it all cleaned up again!  ;o)

Oh! and Happy May Day everyone!
I hope you are having a fantastic day! :o)
~ joey ~


  1. Happy May Day! I know, that reorganizing and clearing out always seems to make more mess at first. Your mess looks much neater than mine. My bedroom floor is currently under a layer of clothing. I suppose I should go and clean it up. lol!

    1. Thanks Becca, it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one! The kitchen looks much better this morning but the rest of the piles haven't moved! May take a while to get those "after photos"! ;o)
      ~ joey ~


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