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 Well, sadly the weather did not cooperate last weekend so our outdoor fairy garden project has been temporarily postponed.  And as luck goes I also managed to get an embarrassingly tiny cut on my thumb badly infected so I haven't been able to garden for the past week.  After trying Polysporin and then Fusidin for 6 days, thankfully garlic and onion came to my rescue and in a matter of hours rid me of that feisty bacteria!  Yah! natural remedies, why didn't I think of you sooner?!  And many thanks to my hubby for not only covering the household chores but for making the soup which conveniently gave me the vegetable scraps I needed to apply to my very sore thumb!

But enough of that, back to garden fairies!

I thought I would share some of the materials and sources that have been providing us with much inspiration for our fairy garden "theme".

Kristin's Fairy House
Kristin's Fairy House (DVD) 40 mins. 
Inspired by the Fairy House series by Tracy Kane.  A story of a young girl that travels to a small island off of the coast of Maine with her artist aunt to discover the fairy houses that have been built in the forests.

Tracy Kane has also written many wonderful books about Fairy houses...

Fairy houses everywhere

Fairy houses and beyond

All of Cicely Mary Barker's books give us so much inspiration as well!  Here are just a couple of our favourites.

Flower fairies of the spring

Lavender finds a friend

And this book is just wonderful to peruse for fairy garden ideas!
(I really want to visit Maine now!)

Fairy houses on the Maine coast

And a few more sources of inspiration!

Roots shoots buckets and boots

Garden Crafts

Flower fairy sticker activity book

Flower fairy alphabet CD

And if you are interested in making a fairy garden of your own, you must check out these great sites...

Magic Onions has tutorials and a fairy garden contest


Mariah at Playful Learning has some fun "science" activities that tie in so well with this "theme"


And maya*made has some really fun accessories that your garden fairy gardeners can make and wear themselves!


So I hope to show you our fairy garden soon.  I always love to see what others have created, so please send me a link to your fairy gardens!

~ joey ~

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