homemade matching game

I'm in the process of revisiting my children's childhood as I sort and sell their toddler toys.  It's a difficult time for me, but it must be done so that we can move forward and enjoy the next chapter of our life with a little less clutter!

I came across this simple little matching game that I made for them using cardstock and wood pieces.

Way back before I had children I made handpainted wood giftware (before it became trendy) and sold it to gift shops across Canada. (without the aid of the internet, hard to imagine now!)

Using these simple cut outs left over from the business (bought from here and here) here's what I did...

1)  Trace wood shapes onto black cardstock.
2)  Carefully cut out the shapes.
3)  Cut out squares of coloured cardstock.
4)  Glue the black shape onto the square.

* Optional:  laminate the cards for durability
(I often use clear contact paper sold in the shelf paper section of the hardware store)

I used both 2D and 3D objects including some pieces that I had around the house.  The possibilities are virtually endless and don't have to be made from wood.

This game is suitable for children 3-5 years old (who are past putting things into their mouths)

I even sewed up a little bag to store the pieces in!
Actually, I'm so smitten with it I'm putting it away for my grandchildren!
(I'm allowed to do that right?!)

So if you have any words of wisdom that help with PPMS (poor purging Mum syndrome), please let me know asap...sigh!

Have a great weekend!
~ joey ~


  1. We had a game similar to this when the kids were little as well, I love that you made it yourself. I remember having to thin out toys as my kids got older, I saved some of the very special ones for future grandchildren, and the rest I sold. It is very hard letting go of toys that reminded me of when they were little, some I wish I still had, but I agree it is nice to be without clutter. PPMS - LOL Great post!

  2. that's such a clever idea!! xo maureen


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