in the garden

Isn't it amazing the effect a few nice sunny days has on us gardeners?!

Like many others, I found myself spending every minute I could out in the yard sweeping, raking, weeding, clearing winter debris and re-discovering what will soon be beds (and in our case pots!) filled with flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs and teas.(yah!)  The garden dreams and plans have started to fill my head, it's a very inspiring time of year!  

The hardest part I find, is remembering to take it slowly and allowing my body a chance to get back into the gardening groove without getting too stiff and sore! ;o)

So here are a few photos of what I found starting to sprout, bud and blossom in the yard.

daffodils blooming, hydrangea budding and decorated with eggs!
christmas rose still blooming

cement swept and spare pots organized according to size
periwinkle loving the cool weather
I don't know what kind of plant/vine this is but it's really neat looking!
the trees are covered in white blossoms...

...and pink!
 And I was so happy to discover that just a little water brought our front step flower pots back to life after being totally neglected all winter.  (I know and I call myself a gardener, how do I let these things happen?!)

I'll take you around the vegetable "garden" (aka: pots and containers) tomorrow,
as I have a big project calling me right now!
~ joey ~

p.s.  I apologize for my bizarre photo spacing issues, blogger does not seem to do what I want it to this morning!


  1. SO bright green an colorful there! Beautiful.


  2. So beautiful! So much is blooming where you are! I do miss that, though the long slow spring does make me reaaaly appreciate the green when it comes!


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