the spring fling fair

Hello again!  I'm back after some very busy weeks that took up much of my free time.  Our children's school put on a Spring Fair so I have been a busy parent volunteer.  The above photo is what my living room floor looked like for a couple of days, can you guess which committee I was on?....of course...decorations and signs!  The event was a huge success and everyone had a really good time.  As I was rushing about most of the evening, I only managed to take a few photos with my phone.

I was also in charge of the program/map design and the 'volunteer greeters'!  Here are 3 of my team members, my daughter(r) and two of her closest friends.

In an attempt to spring up our "Cafe" I made some blossom branches (aka: scrunched up reused tissue paper hot glued onto sticks!) and put them in mason jars filled with more white reused tissue paper.  The large flowers were cut out of construction paper.  Very low budget but I think they did end up improving the feel of the room.  Most importantly they can reused next year!

More tables and children's artwork decorated the walls.

I also put together the recycling centre.  Our school has a very impressive system in place which includes the collection of all beverage containers, hard plastics, soft plastics, styrofoam, foil wrappers, mixed paper, and compost (which includes all food scraps as well as paper napkins, plates and cups).

Most of the hallways in the school were decorated with the children's artwork.  Here is my son standing by the mural his class made.  I love that this project gave the children the opportunity to proudly show their parents how they helped prepare for the event.

The Fair included a huge book sale (which we couldn't resist!).

Games in the gymnasium were hosted by the local high school leadership students, (my son about to try and kick the soccer ball past the high school was a direct hit to the poor fellow's forehead!).

There were other activities for the children (face painting, wacky hair, radar run)
as well as a silent auction for the adults full of generously donated items from businesses and individuals in our community.

The overall feeling was wonderful,
an entire community working together
to enrich our children's school experience.

I'm glad to back here now
and look forward to hearing what you have been up to lately,
please leave a link or comment!
~ joey ~

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