creating spaces - St Patrick's Day

 With Valentine's Day now over I have been redecorating for the next "theme".  St Patrick's Day isn't a big event in our life (not being Irish I suppose?) so I like to decorate with rainbows as well.  I find the burst of colour nice at this time of year when the days are still very grey here.

I have a little routine that I follow when a theme ends:

~ I'm a list maker so I prefer to have everything planned out before I move on to the next theme.  I enjoy creating spaces and baskets that not only inspire creativity but learning as well.

~ Once I have an idea of what I'm going to put out I then begin to put away what I've used from the previous theme.  This always involves cleaning, reviewing, reorganizing, and finally a purge!  I am always trying to scale down our belongings.

~ The final stage doesn't happen until the kids are either out of the house or in bed.  I prefer to create the spaces alone allowing the ideas to flow and I love the excitement of offering new surprises to them when they return!

Here is what I have done for this year...

the children's play space in the living room
Waldorf inspired "nature shelf" above the art supply shelves
branch adorned with tissue paper fairies and our flower petal fairies

The book on the shelf is titled The Little Boot and it came from my MIL's collection of Waldorf books.  I'm sorry I haven't been able to find a source for the book online.  My husband painted the watercolour painting as a child.

gramma made quilt
bookshelf of seasonal books in the living room

My daughter is studying weather at school so I decided to add a few more weather related books to the shelf.  I have a few more library books coming as we do not own many.

A few rainbow and shamrock supplies
polar fleece bean bags for juggling (my son's latest challenge)

rainbow connectagons for 3D creating

Although the above toys could be used all year round I have chosen to only bring them out for this theme.  By rotating many of our toys it keeps them "fresh" and my children treat the items like they are new.

A string with clothes pegs to hang artwork in the window
Jan Brett printable here.

Waldorf kite paper stars (they are so addictive to make!)
If you are interested in making some stars I highly recommend
this book.  

I don't imagine that the creativity will stop here as I've been pinning more ideas on my St. Patrick's Day Pinterest board.
(isn't Pinterest the neatest invention?) 

If you have been creating spaces in your home or have seen something really neat online please share them, I love to see new ideas!

~ joey ~


  1. Joey...We are so much alike this way! I also really get into the themes and our home's decorations. We haven't done much for St. Patrick's Day before (like you, not Irish), but the rainbow thing is great! We love if only there was a festival for unicorns...
    xo Jules

    1. Jules, what a great idea! Start your own festival for unicorns, maybe in the spring, after Easter? I think unicorns are the greatest!


  2. Beautiful, Joey! My favorite thing is your husband's childhood painting: What a wonderful variation of a rainbow. Unlike you and the above poster, Jules, I am actually part Irish, and this has inspired me to do a little St. Patrick's Day decoration...just for me, as I live alone. Thanks for the inspiration.



I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~