a creative party!

My daughter turned nine....I'm still trying to figure out exactly how that happened in the blink of an eye....so we had to have a party to celebrate the day she came into this world!

I baked dairy free, egg free, sugar free cupcakes and decorated them with dairy free, sugar-full icing and sprinkles!?  I know, I know...I usually make the icing with maple syrup but I wanted to pipe it this time and I find that it's just not the right consistency without the icing sugar!
This party was the first that was not held at our home.  I was a bit uneasy about this at first but I knew what a great time she would have at this venue as it was at a homebased art studio!  The woman welcomed us into her home and allowed us to explore her beautiful property!  First the girls danced to music, bounced on balls and got the creative juices flowing!  Then up to the art studio to paint!
 Even my son, who originally didn't want to paint got in there and had a great time!

 We had friends of all ages so it was fun to watch the paintings evolve!  I loved this painting by my son's friend, he eventually came back and added more to his picture.  Too cute!
As the kids finished their paintings they could then go outside to create a village made from sticks, logs, ropes, etc.  My husband couldn't help but get involved!  The property was so lovely nestled in the forest!
 She even pulled out costumes for the kids to wear in their newly built village!  At first I thought they were Romans but I was corrected by my son...I should have known...they were Jedi's!...silly me!  The creative energy flowing from all the guests from every corner of the property could not have been more perfect!
And lastly, the 'thank you for coming bags' were given out to continue the creative energy of the day!  We packaged up cards, envelopes, papers, a Hallowe'en rubber stamp, ink, glitter glue and a Lindt chocolate bar tucked in the back for good measure!  I know that I always find that creativity flows better with nice dark chocolate!
Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!
~ joey ~


  1. such a great idea for a party!! pleas ebe sure to invite me next time ;)

  2. On my goodness! I want a party like that for ME! Actually, my daughter has said she wants an art party... I like the different forms of creativity expressed in your daughter's, though. So wonderful! Thanks for sharing the details!


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