autumn creeping in

Autumn is my favourite time of year!  It's been slow coming this year, the weather has been mild and quite dry for our area.  So slowly we've been welcoming Autumn into our home.  Care to take a peak?!..... 

::  the "nature table"  ::

::  autumn corn, acorns, conkers, needlefelted pumpkins  ::

::  a postcard from my MIL, beeswax candle, needlefelted acorns  ::

::  i love this unknown  ::

::  another waldorf school childhood painting by my husband  ::

::  i love making kite paper stars!  ::

::  i just realized these are all thrift store finds!  ::

::  a pressed japanese maple leaf garland made by a dear friend  ::

::  one of the many gramma made quilts to snuggle under!  ::

How is this creative season finding it's way into your home?!
~ joey ~


  1. Ahh, such things of beauty you are surrounded by! Your autumn table is a delight. We've recently ressurected our seasonal table in hopes that our youngest son is now old enough to not throw and otherwise destroy everthing on the table.

  2. Thanks for stopping by!
    I remember those days well! I think I still unconsciously make displays like these on high shelves! As you can see in this post
    our 'nature table' is on the children's desk.
    Happy Autumn to you and your family!
    ~ joey ~


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~