in search of autumn

The other night the kids and I took a quick walk around the neighbourhood before dinner to look for signs of Autumn.  Here's what we found!

::  red rudbeckia  ::

::  no idea what this bush is?  ::

::  arbutus  ::

::  I love the tinge of colour just on the edges of these maple leaves.  ::

::  black eyed susan  ::

::  hydrangea  ::

::  sedum  ::

::  LOVE michaelmas daisies!  ::

::  hydrangea  ::

::  chrysanthemum  ::

It was so nice to discover such a variety of colours still available in the gardens that we passed!  The textures of the leaves on the different trees is so amazing as are the leaves that are still transitioning from green to yellow and red.  It reminds me of how ink seeps up the paper!

We found that our blackberry picking days are pretty much over, sniff sniff.  But we also discovered a fantastic spot for picking up acorns and conkers (aka:  horse chestnuts)!

Autumn is such a rich season, what have you found on your Autumn walks?
~ joey ~


  1. Oh so pretty. The young lady and the many flowers!

  2. Beautiful! your blog is lovely! barefoot mama

  3. I love autumn...the colours and all the wonderful things that nature has to offer us around this time of year are so amazing.


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