chickpea olive dip

Popping in for a quick hello!  Sorry I don't have a catchier name for this post (if you come up with a better name let me know!), but I'm so excited to share this recipe with you!  It's super easy and so yummy!

Chickpea Olive Dip

1 can (540ml or 18oz) chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 can (398ml or 13oz) black olives, drained
2 medium roma tomatoes
1 clove garlic
½ avocado
1 tbsp Braggs Liquid Soy (or soy sauce)

Pulse the chickpeas in the food processor for a couple of seconds, add the remaining ingredients and pulse until it’s a consistency that you like (chunky to smooth).  Serve with corn chips.

*notes:  we normally buy dried beans and cook them ourselves but I do keep some "emergency cans" on the shelves for super quick cooking!  Canadian volumes don't seem to convert evenly to US, so just use the closest you can get.
:: Enjoy friends, and please let me know if you try it! ::
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  1. Oh, that sounds so yummy! I will definitely nee to give this recipe a go. :)

  2. I am not really into chick peas but i had to write and tell you I LOVE this image!
    (And i willl save the recipe bdecause my Sweetie DOES love his olives and chick peas!

  3. I love chick peas and dips like this as I don't eat alot of meat. I'm so glad you linked it up to katie's language cafe's friday recipe link up. thanks so much! hope you will link another one up this week!~~katie

  4. This looks so good. We'll have to try it.


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