the 5.8km diet (or 3.6 miles)

We love to eat local!  So in an attempt to preserve as much of the fresh grown produce our area grows we recently visited a couple of the rain! (how's that for devotion?!)  Our first stop of the day..... a cherry and raspberry u-pick farm!

Sorry I was SO wet I didn't get any shots of the raspberry picking, but it was good too!  So what did we do with the 15lbs of fresh cherries once we were home and dry?  Well first I want you to meet my new best friend - Mr. Cherry Pitter!  What an ingenious invention!  My 6 year old son was able to swiftly operate the tool to pit them perfectly ...and fast!

We then chopped them and loaded up the dehydrator!  We now have a large bag of delicious dried cherries ready for baking or snacking on in trail mix!  I am also drying some (a bit larger in size) so that this winter I can dip them in dark chocolate for Christmas gifts!  Yummy!  *tip:  I recently read that if you store dried fruit in the freezer it extends the storage time to 1-2 years depending on the fruit!

After the cherry farm (and after the downpour!) we visited another Farm Market where we buy their organically grown produce, fruit, and eggs.  They even have animals to visit!

Whoever said that chickens were dumb has not met this clever lady who knows exactly where the food comes from!  I wonder if she laid the eggs that we bought?!
They even have a 'pick your own bouquet' field!  *love*

What kinds of foods are grown locally in your area and what are your favourite ways of enjoying the harvest?!
~ joey ~


  1. we're about to do some dehydrating as well. but, we are exhausted by enjoying the harvest right now!! it's a busy time of year...

  2. Hi Lacey!
    I'm so glad you left a comment! I've just been peeking around your blog!
    I want to make salsa and tomato sauce this year with our tomatoes too! I left a comment about how I plan to use the tomato skins! :o)
    Today I've been drying herbs and mints for teas! Preserving the tastes of summer is so satisfying!
    ~ joey ~


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