'kids' art week at Carla Sonheim

 Just popping in to tell you about
that started yesterday
(but you can still sign up)
with the lovely Carla Sonheim.
There are lots of kids-at-heart (18+) in the class too!
I signed my family up
to learn a few new techniques.

The first class was drawing blob animals.
We had to find a blob-like object
and then make it into an imaginary animal.

I did these 2 yesterday,
and hope that my son draws 1 today.

                                     oil blob                               blob drawn in sketchbook

                                              strange winged green creature
                             Black Sharpie, Koh-i-Noor woodless colour pencils 

                              sidewalk crack                 crack drawn in sketchbook

 tangled blob butterfly-like creature
Black Sharpie, Black Copic Multiliner SP.2, HB pencil
If you want to sign up, Carla's class doesn't close
so you can do the classes at any time.
Carla is such an inspiring instructor, I love watching her enthusiastic videos.
 We're off to watch the next class -
drawing the Durer rabbit with oil pastels!
Enjoy your day,
~ joey ~


  1. Funny, lovely and inspiring idea, I like it very much.

  2. Now that sidewalk crack is beautiful both ways, real and in your drawing. Well done, Joey.


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