seasons of joy

One of the reasons that I started this blog was to inspire creativity.

Lately, I have been focusing on tangling with my weekly challenges, but I would like to start expanding on the types of art forms that I inspire you with.

Today I would like to introduce you to fibre artist Claudia Marie Lenart.  

Claudia connected with me
through the blog The Magic Onions,
a blog that shares Waldorf education and lifestyle that I have written related posts for in the past.

My husband is a Waldorf School alumni and if we lived closer to a school, we would have liked to have enrolled our daughter.
We have, therefore, raised our children with a Waldorf "lifestyle" in mind.
I learned that the Waldorf curriculum, in part, bases it's learning techniques
on the relationship between humans and the earth in a number of creative ways.  Beautiful natural materials are used in a variety of creative
and practical skills such as drawing, painting, fibre arts,
sewing, music, baking and much more.

These things are very important to me,
so today I am sharing Claudia's book

I mentioned that Claudia is a fibre artist and I'm sure that you will agree
that her work is absolutely exquisite!
 The depth and detail that she creates using only natural wool fibre is amazing!

The cinquain poetry verses describe the beauty and wonder of each season which is depicted in each beautifully felted scene.

You can view a preview of her book below.

While Claudia did provide me with a copy of her book, my opinion of her work is honestly represented in this post.

Hoping your day feels a little more inspired,
~ joey ~

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