catching up

Well it has been a busy but very good week for all of us . . .
should I knock on wood after saying that?!?

The kids are back in school.  Two new schools this year - my youngest has just moved up to middle school and my oldest started high school!  Yikes!
But we're gradually working into new routines.

I think I might be more concerned about the number of colds and bugs we're being bombarded with at the moment.  Between the 4 different schools that the four of us attend or work at, the number is mind boggling.  Crossing our fingers for a healthy autumn/winter!

Let's get back on to the topic of challenges shall we?!

Last night I had a go at two challenges - #128 and #129. (#127 still to come!)

Here is #128 with the tangle Villers #2.
I kept this one simple as a monotangle as I was really enjoying drawing it!

 And here is #129 started with the tangle Sprigs.
I have added 2 or 3 tangles and all of their names have eluded me at the moment.  The top left might be Puf or ??  The bottom left isn't Bunzo, I'm pretty sure there is another one similar?  The little star bursts might be another tangle, not sure.

Call it  "back to school brain" that makes me a bit scrambled this time of year, however, I love the fresh start of a new school year and with Autumn approaching it makes it such a vibrant, colourful time!
I can see some colour likely making it's way into my future challenges!

Wishing you a wonderful week,
~ joey ~


  1. It is Puf! And the little star is Aah. The one in the bottom I don´t know. Beautiful tile!

  2. Is the other Pais? Anyway it's all lovely!

  3. a nice composition, nice contrasts and drawn beautiful, I like this tile very much.

  4. I'm very happy to have found your website with those interesting challenges. With every challenge, I learn a bit more, thank you Joey.

  5. I think the bottom left is antidots. All so pretty!

  6. Love your tiles, especially the bottom one. The bottom tangle on that one looks like a combination of pais and antidote, and it's a great tangle.

    As for all the colds and bugs, get flu shots for all your family. Really. The shots actually work, and no, they won't make you sick like they used to. Really.

    I am really enjoying your theme of "Finish My Tangle."

  7. Yes, thank you everyone! The tangles are Puf, Antidots and Aah!
    Your challenges are all wonderful, thanks so much for sharing them here!
    ~ joey ~


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~