better late than never : the first "finish my tile" challenge

Good Morning!
Here is week one of the "finish my tiles" challenges (#126)

The first thing I noticed when I finished this challenge
is that unlike the past 10 renaissance-like tiles I recently completed,
this one is bursting with colour!
I really enjoyed peering into the Prismacolor pencil box 
and grabbing a rainbow of colours to work with!

The second thing I noticed was how eager I was
to stretch out of the confinements of a tile.
I am back to using my sketchbook and enjoyed having more space to work.

Which I suppose proves once again
that I get restless doing the same thing for too long.
It's not that I will not return to that style again,
I just don't like doing too much of the same thing.

 How about you?
Do you learn something about yourself
when you sit back and look at your tiles?
~ joey ~


  1. I like the softness of the colors in this tile. It is like peeping into a summer garden!


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~