paper challenge

I mentioned yesterday that I have given myself a personal challenge . . . 
to reduce my paper collection!

My challenge is to choose 3 patterned sheets of paper
 and make a minimum of 6 greeting cards.  

Here are the sheets of paper I started with:

And here are the finished cards:
(sorry, my lighting wasn't great so the colours are washed out)

6 greeting cards, 2 mini cards with envelopes and 4 tags found their way out of these sheets of paper!

I found it to be a great way to relax, put some of my supplies to good use and practice new techniques.

These are the papers for my next challenge.

Thanks for stopping by,
~ joey ~


  1. Great cards! What a lovely way to ensure that you always have hand-made cards handy.

  2. Wow! Those are absolutely amazing;-)

  3. Those are really lovely, great job!!

  4. Your cards are beautiful! My mom always liked the saying, whoever dies with the most fabric wins". For me it's paper - thanks for the idea! That's not a game I want to win....


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