circle series challenge #122

I have had lots of creative adventures with my family lately including a "Paint In" Market which closed 10 city blocks for artists to set up and sell their work!

 My daughter in Misha's stall

There we met a wonderful artist - Misha Smart who inspired us to try her style of painting.  I have only painted with cheap craft acrylic paint so I'm practicing with that until I buy some proper artist acrylic paint very soon!


We have also just returned from our annual visit to the most creative island on the west coast - Salt Spring Island.
(you can read about a past visit here)

I returned with many ideas on how I can combine several different art styles.
I can't wait to see what comes of it!

I found some time last night to complete my weekly challenge and I have to say that I'm not happy with it but I LOVE the tangle B'twined!

Compared to the artwork I have been seeing lately it now seems so dull.  I think this is why I can't seem to stick with one type of art, as soon as I see something else I'm off in another direction.
 Thankfully I have my weekly challenge to ground me! ;o)

I hope that you have had a creative week.
Hope to see you Monday for the next challenge!
~ joey ~ 

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