joey's weekly tangle challenge #116

This tangle challenge is for anyone who enjoys using tangles in their art. Whether you are an experienced artist or new to drawing, we're here to learn from each other and have fun with our art!  I hope that you will find my challenges fresh, stimulating and rewarding! Use the Link Up at the bottom of the post to share your work.

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Many thanks to everyone who said
how much they enjoyed the last challenge series!
Your enthusiasm for the Roman Numeral Strings made me so happy,
I hope that you enjoy this next series of challenges just as much!

Here's how the idea came about . . .
 I recently noticed a pattern forming in the objects that were catching my eye.
I think it started with these fabric buckets I made from scraps of fabric and mayamade's nesting bucket pattern.

The fabric was given to my Mom by her cousin about 6-7 years ago, found in her stash from who knows when (possibly as far back as the 80's by the looks of the pattern?!)  My Mom sewed my daughter a pair of pants from the cordoroy fabric and my daughter loved them so much that she had to
make a second pair when she outgrew them.
We affectionately called them the "spotty pants".
I found the left over scraps when I was recently downsizing my fabric stash and I thought it would be perfect to make some cute fabric buckets.

Since then I noticed that more and more circular patterns were catching my eye, so a couple of weeks ago I began sketching out some circular strings for us to use as our next challenge.

Here is the first of 10 circular strings.

 These challenge do not have to be drawn on a circle tile, you can draw the string onto a square tile, an ATC or into your sketchbook, it's entirely up to you.

I will choose 1 tangle for you to use but feel free to add more, these do not have to be 'monotangles' (unless you want them to be!)
This week I'd like us to use the tangle

I have been so inspired by your collections I have decided to do this series of challenges all on brown circle tiles for a Renaissance look.
I'm really excited about this series and I hope that you are too!
Happy Monday!
~ joey ~
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  1. Uhhh~ I really like this string. And I think Flux would go wonderfully with it. I shall try to get my tile for this challenge completed before the week ends.

    It's always great that you post your challenges early. Here in Singapore, I almost always have to wait till' Tuesdays for other blogs' weekly challenges to get posted because our time zone is ahead of those in America/Europe. :)

  2. ok strings are totally up my alley :)

  3. This will be a great challenge. I don't like circle strings, so this takes me out of my comfort zone, and that's good!!


  4. This was one of my favourites - thank you!

  5. Thank you Joey for the Great Challenge!

  6. I had recently started doing a series of circular tiles, so I felt right at home with this challenge. It's a worthy successor to the Roman Numerals. Thanks. I look forward to the rest of this series.


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~