joey's weekly tangle challenge #114

  This tangle challenge is for anyone who enjoys using tangles in their art. Whether you are an experienced artist or new to drawing, we're here to learn from each other and have fun with our art!  I hope that you will find my challenges fresh, stimulating and rewarding! Use the Link Up at the bottom of the post to share your work.

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Happy Victoria Day!
In Canada, today is a statutory holiday to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday.
Thanks to modern day technology I have pre-scheduled your challenge today.
We are up to the Roman Numeral XIV
which creates this cool (but busy) string.

Due to the number of spaces in this string I have selected basic tangles so when combined they're not too overwhelming to the eye.

Remember too that strings can disappear when tangles overlap or intertwine with each other.

This week I have chosen the following tangles:

The Papyrus and Cheesecloth tangles are found in the Zen Mandalas book so I could not find an internet site to link to, so I have drawn samples below if you are unfamiliar with them.
Cheesecloth is one of my favourite tangles!

Have a fantastic week!
~ joey ~

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  1. Amazing that you can preprogramme the challenge, hope you have a great day. Those examples you drew for us must have taken forever to draw! :-) I'll be back with my tile later.

    1. I should have mentioned if Cheesecloth is new to you that I find that it looks best drawn with a 005 pen. It looks like it takes a long time to draw but it's really very fast. I love that when the lines get wobbly and touch each other, the area appears darker or when the lines are spaced further apart it lightens the effect. Play with it, it's a really great pattern!

  2. I didn't think I would be able to fit all of the tangles into this tile, but I surprised myself. Another great challenge.


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~ joey ~