challenge catch up #110 and #111

I find this time of year is always busy with extra curricular activities, school events and gardening, which I enjoy, but unfortunately dips into my drawing time.
This year I am also working part time so I'm afraid that I'm a little more behind than usual.
So once again I apologize for not commenting on each of your challenges.
I look forward to the moments when I can sneak a peak
 at the beautiful artwork that you have submitted.
I love how individual you all are and I enjoy reading your blog posts describing how you felt about the challenge.  I also love how you all support one another with encouraging comments!

Today I am submitting my challenges #110 and #111:

 There is an X in there somewhere!
I was feeling in a mandala mood so I thought I would use a round border.

And this string somehow lost it's wavy edge.  I didn't plan for it to take on this shape, but I just went with it.
It's funny because since I did this challenge, I have noticed the pattern Vache1 on so many things (in real life) lately!  The latest was on a giraffe. (not a real one!)

You may have noticed that my sketchbook is sitting on this Ikea polka dot lap desk, which I recently scored at a thrift store.  When it's not buried under my son's comic book drawings, I have found it to be pretty handy for drawing on the couch!

And finally
Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's out there!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and may your kids spoil you with new drawing supplies! ;o)
See you Monday with the XII challenge!
~ joey ~


  1. I like your Mandela, it is unusual to have a square in the middle and works well I think. Clever response to X. Your XI is lovely with the border and I see you have used the same fragment from Zippa as I did :-)

  2. I had so much trouble with Zippa! It's a "thinking tangle" along with Susa and I found them both challenging!


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~