catching up . . . out of my comfort zone

Agh!  I got busy and fell behind again!
I felt so badly for not participating in my last few challenges
I knew I had to do something drastic!

So I jumped into something totally out of my comfort zone!
(like really really out of my comfort zone!) 

I made up a sheet of watercolour ATC's and then just put pen to paper.
As soon as an idea popped into my head I didn't question it,
I drew it before I could ask myself "is this going to look good?"

And then I shaded and shaded and shaded
(yes I am shy when it comes to shading!)
until I felt each tile looked old and antiqued . . .
or maybe just kind of dirty I'm not sure which! ;o)

Anyways, here are my challenges starting with. . . 

 Challenge #99 - Tangle the Yin Yang symbol

Challenge #100 - 100 String with Bijou

 Oh my!  Isn't Bijou just SOOOOO fun to draw?!

 Challenge #101 - Roman Numeral 1 - Tangles Cle, Dillo and Fleavy

Totally not my normal style
but this is a Challenge after all! ;o)

So now I have a Spring assortment of watercolour ATC's to use up.

I even kept the little scraps!

So I'm all caught up with the challenges, the question now is
am I going to continue drawing or start another project that has been equally neglected lately?

Have a great day!
~ joey ~


  1. Those are lovely! I love the colors. There's a lot of satisfaction in stepping out of your comfort zone. Well done!

  2. What a great series of tiles, the colourwash looks great.

  3. Fantastic tiles, dear Joey! I love the warecolour background- looks like spring is coming soon...
    Thank you very much for your challenge, I like it and try not to miss them...

  4. These are so HAPPY! Great job, Joey!


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~