Yuma monotangle...and a Christmas quilt!

I decided to do this week's challenge - Yuma Monotangle on a bookmark.
black 02 micron, hb pencil, mounted on red card stock

But wait . . . let's see what my Mom has been up to lately!  My Mom is a quilter and she blows me away with each one she makes!  I was the lucky recipient of this red and white Christmas quilt (the benefits of being an only child, no siblings to fight over Mom's quilts with!)
Here are a few more photos to show you the cool fabrics and freehand stippling she does all over the quilt that gives it that professional touch!

Doesn't it look so festive in my living room!?! 
If only I inherited some of her sewing genes!

Have a wonderful week!
~ joey ~ 


  1. Love your bookmark; so seed-like. And your mom's quilt; beautiful and such a labor of love.

  2. your bookmark is beautiful and filigran and the quilt is awesome

  3. I am so jealous of your quilt, it looks fabulous. I love quilting myself but only quilting - patchwork quilting is another level altogether that I don't have the patience for. What a labour of love. It is the ideal backdrop for your Yuma. It looks so carefully drawn and with that so equal spacing of the lines it looks very elegant.

  4. I love your bookmark and your mom's quilt is gorgeous! Such a talented pair!!

  5. This quilt is beautiful, Joey!! And I love your bookmark - so clean looking!! :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy


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~ joey ~