Salt Spring Island: the most creative island around

We made our annual visit to Salt Spring Island last week and like every year, I received a healthy dose of creative inspiration!


This is just some of the fun this little island has to offer....



ocean beaches

 huge saturday market


 lively marimba music
(here is a video of one of their performances)

 relaxing lake front cottages

 creative buildings

 creative gardens

 lots of funky shops and restaurants

We came home with a few new treasures - colourful pottery bowls, handmade soaps, a paper bunting, a handful of turquoise beads (for jewelry), seashells from the beach, turkey feathers from the farm, as well as some delicious healthy homemade snacks.

It's truly an island full of inspiration for all of the senses!
~ joey ~


  1. What a great post, lots to see and nice to know you had a great time

  2. That looks like a great place! I visited Vancouver Island once and I loved it! Would love to visit this island as well.


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