joey's weekly tangle challenge #69

This tangle challenge is for anyone who enjoys using tangles in their art.  
Whether you are an experienced artist or new to drawing, we're here to learn from each other and have fun with our art! I hope that you will find my challenges fresh, stimulating and rewarding!
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Are you ready for another
Alphabet Monotangle challenge?!

We have reached the letter "F"
so this week we're going to tangle a
  Florez Monotangle
(a monotangle is drawn using only 1 tangle pattern)

note:  I am "unplugging myself" for the next 2 weeks
 taking a much needed break from my computer
to reconnect with my family without the electronics.
(there's a challenge in itself!)
I have pre-scheduled the Weekly Challenges
so nothing will change, but I wanted you to know why
I won't be commenting on your lovely work.
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Keep tangling!

~ joey ~
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  1. Enjoy your break, Joey! Thanks for pre-scheduling the weekly challenges :-)

  2. Have a great time away. Looking forward to the next challenge

  3. This is so cool! The neatest part is making it even more mathy - and since you're doing the alphabet, I can attempt to do each monotangle in another math "style".

    I just wonder how I'm going to handle Z... :D


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~ joey ~