joey #56 and diva #213

After a week of producing nothing creative, I forced myself this morning to do some challenges.
The result:  not good, and then I remembered why I should never try and force creativity . . .
it just doesn't work.

For the Diva challenge we had to trace a household item so I began by tracing a playing card.  (highly imaginative right?!)
Looking at it I thought it looked like a basket so then I decided to combine it with my challenge of tangling a flower box or baskit of bluebonnets.
Uh huh . . . this is what I ended up with.

The only cool thing about this was discovering that Charteuse and Light Aqua Prismacolor pencils look really nice together.
I will use them together from now on when I'm going for a fresh spring look.
Better luck next time,
~ joey ~

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  1. Joey, it IS hard when we want to be creative on demand!! Your tile is lovely and the color makes things sparkle!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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~ joey ~