catch up: #48 polka dot tangle

I'm in the process of playing catch up on my challenges.
Everyone had so much fun doing the polka dot tangle I didn't want to miss this one.  

However, I feel that I got a bit carried away with the circle theme using the tangles Bubbles, Printemps, Puff-O and Gewgle so I don't think it really fits the name.  I should have chosen more tangled up looking tangles.

Then I added an effect in Photobucket called Clyde to add the shadow but I think it's dulled the colours so it looks gloomy.
What do you think?
Do you think it's a drawing that goes with a happy name like the polka dot tangle?

Oh well, not all challenges work out the first time but they're all good to learn from! ;o)

Now I'll get started on this week's stacking blocks of tangles challenge.
~ joey ~

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  1. I actually like the circles in circles effect. Nice use of colour pencils as well! The original is definitely nicer than the second one. I think there might be a way to add the vignette without the sepia tone. Anyway, nice work!


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