a lego movie birthday

I promised to share some photos of my son's 10th Birthday party so here they are!
The party theme was The Lego Movie and we held it at a Rec Centre's Teen Lounge.  For those of you that don't have tweens or teens, a Teen Lounge is basically a large room in a recreation centre where kids can go to hang out, watch movies on a tv, and play games like pool, Foosball, ping pong, air hockey, floor chess, etc.  You can rent the fully equipped space on the weekends for parties.

I started a Lego Birthday party Pinterest board which you are welcome to view, there are some really great ideas out there and I am so grateful for all of the free printables that made our party a huge success!

Starting with these totally cool customizable movie ticket invitations:

water bottle wrappers from here.

This was the food table.  I went with a black, red, yellow and white colour scheme.  The "curtain" didn't work too well but it was to look like a movie theatre curtain.  I used black and red plastic tablecloths.  
I downloaded the Lego font and printed a banner.  We drew faces of the characters in the movie on yellow balloons.

This end of the table held 3 layer Lego brick sandwiches complete with the two round "pegs" on top.  We put the corn twists in a Lego bucket.

 The middle of the table had yellow Lego face jello cups (spoons in the Lego pencil cup) and fruit kabobs topped with printable Lego minifigure heads.

This end of the table had bags of "theatre" popcorn and the wrapped bottles of water.

 My daughter beautifully transformed this store bought cake into a Lego lovers dream!  Sprinkles, candy Lego bricks, and isn't the minifigure holding the candle in his torch cute?!

We played guess the number of Lego pieces and the winner won a bag of Lego candy.

We also played the Lego Movie on the tv in the room but the boys were more interested in playing the games than staring at a screen (yah!).

When we handed out the goody bags (mini chocolate bars and a Lego Minifigure) they all agreed that 
"everything was awesome!"

Lotsa work but worth it!
~ joey ~ 

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