#43: tangling 4 tiles

I am so glad that you all had fun with this challenge!
I too enjoyed it and am eager to share my simple design.

This is my "tile" using Mooka and a little Shattuck in the corners.

Anyways, I too only wanted to draw one tile (no one cheated!) and was so happy to learn from Tanglicious Connections that I can use Microsoft Powerpoint to duplicate and flip images around and save them as a .jpg file!  Cool!  I thought I was going to have to flip it in MS Word, print it out, then scan it again, which I figured would look so messy by the end.
I should get some good editing software, any suggestions?

Ok, sorry, enough blabbing...
Here are my "4 tiles" combinations:

The corners didn't line up very well and I didn't colour them in, which was hard for me as I really wanted to throw some bright rainbow colours in there, but I do like them in black and white too.

Thank you again for all of your enthusiastic comments and emails!
I love it when I come up with an idea that really gets your creativity flowing.
I hope you will join us next week!
~ joey ~


  1. Very nice, Joey. I like the different combinations and looks. It's alright that the corners don't match, my bathroom tiles don't either ;) and it's good to know none of us cheated!

  2. I like your tiles,Joey. The first one is my favorite but the others are great, too.


  3. Looks pretty..I love Mooka .. It looks fab

    1. And thanks for mentioning us :) I like using powerpoint as its quick & simple for me to use than photoshop as I am not very used to using photoshop :)

  4. This is quite fun!! :)
    ~ Diane Clancy


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~