quilt-like challenge

Here is my interpretation of this week's challenge - a log cabin quilt block.
It's actually a very realistic representation of "the world of quilting" to me, as I find it's a total mystery how to properly mix patterns together.  I already know if I were to do it again I would have used darker patterns on the bottom right corner and lighter patterns on the upper left.
When I sew something I tend to either stick to just a few fabrics (1 pattern and 1 or 2 solids) rather than trying to match patterns.
Mixing colours is also tricky for me so for this tangle I just used two shades of blue with the black.
It was fun to experiment with and I actually liked the "log cabin string" idea.
Thanks to all who have shared their work for this challenge!
~ joey ~ 

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  1. Love you log cabin quilt. The tangles are nice and the colors are very soothing.


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