it's a string thing challenge #45

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself this week as I have completed another tangle challenge.  Will I be able to keep it up throughout the summer....we'll have to see!

The It's a String Thing challenge this week included using String 108 with the tangles Diva Dance, Dex, Demi, Diamonds & Squares and Dooledo.  I found a spot for them all but Diamonds & Squares.

It felt kind of tropical so I chose some tropical shades of coloured pencils to fill it in.  To me it looks very 1980's but I supposed that's ok since I was around then!  I still need some lessons on getting my artwork centered in Photobucket's Frame option, but I'll keep trying!

What's keeping your creativity busy right now?
Drawing, painting, sewing, cooking, gardening or...???
~ joey ~

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