container gardening - late spring

Up until today we have had some perfect gardening weather so I have been spending most of spare my time out there planting up veggies for this summer.

My husband built a deer deterrent/hothouse this year which makes a nice warm spot for the tomatoes and green beans.  We'll put some cukes in there too when they are ready.

I have been planting up pots and tucking them wherever I can find a spot.  These pots have carrots, beets and lettuces.

 Swiss chard and beets in the brick planter and more lettuce on the window sill.

 The front steps have 2 more pots of lettuce (we eat a lot of lettuce!), thyme, chive and various unedible plants.  To the left of the steps our Stanley Prune Plum is covered in tiny plums.  They likely won't all mature but we hope to get one for each of us this year.  Patience!

The strawberries that are in pots are slow this year but the ones that rooted in the bark mulch are doing excellent.  The black currant and blueberries have a fair number of berries on them.  I don't think it's going to be a bumper crop but we're focusing more on growing the salad veggies this year.

Here's a list of the edibles that we're growing in containers this year.
tomatoes - cherry and slicing
sweet peppers
swiss chard
black currants
triple crown blackberries
herbs - parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, chive, savory, tarragon, oregano, basil
teas - chocolate mint, spearmint, lemon balm, bergemot, stevia

That's about if for now.  I'd love to hear/see how your garden is growing this spring!
~ joey ~

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  1. Your plants look wonderful. I am also container gardening this year and so far so good. I like your idea of hanging a jar of flowers on the wall. I'm going to do that too!


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