make a st. patrick's day bunting

To give our home a bit of St. Patrick's Day flare I made up this really simple bunting using the following materials:
18 white doilies - 4"
18 green paper clover cut outs*
18 green cardstock circles - 2.5"
green and white baker's twine
glue stick
scotch tape
white Gelly Roll pen

*I cut the clover cut outs at my local scrapbook store.  You could  also trace a cookie cutter or make a template from a computer image and cut them freehand.

  Step one:  glue clovers on to front of doilies

 Step two:  determine how long you want your bunting to be and cut twine
Step three:  evenly space the doilies along the twine and tape to the back of the doilies
Step four:  glue circle over the twine in the centre of the doily
(to add stability)

 Step five:  print large letters on each clover to spell "Happy St Patricks Day" (or you could use letter stickers)

Hang in a spot for your family to enjoy!
~ joey ~

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