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I have been nurturing a long lost love  .......of drawing!  Drawing zentangles to be precise, which are a bit like doodles but different.  I wrote a post about Mama's doing something for themselves here when I first tried "tangling" last year and how the process has a relaxing effect on the mind and body.  Like many things I start, however, I haven't manage to finish the entire book/course yet but I have continued to learn more about the huge following this creative outlet has.
I think it is a style of art that you should research first to decide exactly how you are going to approach it and what you hope to get from it.
Are you going to follow all of the rules to the letter?  Or go with a more loose approach? (my personal choice!)
Are you going to do it strictly to learn new drawing techniques?  Or are you going to do it to relax?
Drawing for me is mostly about two things: the challenge of trying something new but also about producing something that makes me happy and is nice to look at. 

I will be writing more about zentangles in the near future but for now I want to (hopefully) inspire you with some of the fun things you can draw with zentangle techniques and tools.

1.  Tangled Letter
2. Mandala using Mini Deco Doily stencil
3. Winter words journal doodle(3 colour)
4. Shaded fir branch
5. Colouring zentangles (watercolour)

I have been filling my Zentangle and Drawing Pinterest boards with ideas that catch my eye or new techniques that I want to try.  I also recommend the tanglepatterns.com website which is full of really neat patterns and instructions.


If you "tangle" please share your links and Pinterest boards in the comments, I'd love to see what inspires you!
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  1. I'd love to read and learn more about zentagles, they seem very interesting. Thanks for sharing some links for beginners like me!


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