Hallowe'en with Ed Emberley

The Hallowe'en season just wouldn't be complete without this book:
Every year I sign this book out from our Library and every year the kid's drawings just keep getting better and better!  New ideas, funnier captions and speech bubbles, and definitely more character and expression in the faces and body poses of the characters.
Mr Emberley's other books:  Weirdos, Animals, Big Green Drawing book, and Big Purple Drawing Book also include characters that can be used for Hallowe'en drawings.

  Last year we used a long sheet of orange paper and made a long scene for our window.

This year we are using 1/4 sheets of orange cardstock with a black non permanent Staedtler Lumocolor pen and have had very good results.

 And just to prove that even Moms can draw these spooky scenes, I joined in on the fun too!  Oh the things I endure just for this little blog!  tee hee!

For more Ed Emberley Hallowe'en activities check out his website.

Happy Drawing!
~ joey ~
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  1. ooh, this books like so much fun. Both of my boys are all about drawing monsters wight now, so they would love it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I bet they will love the skeletons as much as my son does! "Egyptian" skeletons are his favourite!
    Remember to join in the fun too Mama! ;o)


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