end of summer garden update

It's hard to believe that the summer garden is coming to an end but there are still jobs to be done out there.

I decided to bring in all of the tomatoes as the nights are getting cooler and damper so some of the plants were starting to rot.

The last of the cucumbers.

The peppers did really well this year, I brought in a basket full yesterday and there are a few more outside.

Still lots of herbs to dry...




 thyme and sage


We should get one more picking from our green bean plants and the freezer is full!  I have started drying seeds for next year.

I keep reading that we can grow greens year round in our climate so I have planted a tray of spinach seeds.

We will for sure have some Swiss chard greens this Autumn!

 The Michaelmas daisy is covered in buds, it should be gorgeous in about a month.

The tiny lipstick strawberry is blooming again.

The sedum is starting to show off it's deep reddy-pink blooms now.

The hydrangea starts off the summer in shades of pink, lavender and blue and then by Autumn it's dark burgundy and purple.

What's happening in your garden right now?
~ joey ~
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  1. This year I had just tomato plants and they where doing great until we had that 117 heat wave so I have decided that I am going to try again next year. I loved having a garden, even if it was small, it gave me a sense of purpose and my daughter loved to water them with me. Good memories with more to come I hope.

  2. Wonderful pictures of your gardening. I just planted some greens as a winter garden I hope it takes off.

  3. I am always so inspired by your garden posts, Joey! Such abundance!


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