a visit to Salt Spring Island

Our annual trip to Salt Spring Island was such a fantastic experience this year.  Here's my recount of the day...hope you are ready for lots of photos!... The Market brings together so much local talent:  potters, jewellers, soap makers, sewers, knitters, needle felters, glass artists, woodworkers, and painters.  As well as the most delicious local food:  fresh grown fruits, veggies and flowers, artisan breads, cheeses, gluten free baking and our favourites dehydrated kale chips, seed crackers and sprouted jungle peanuts!

This young entrepreneur was drawing quite a crowd.  Using only a magnifying glass he was "solar wood burning" signs onto driftwood.  Pretty ingenious if you ask me!  We bought one as a souvenier.

The biggest thrill of the day was meeting Raffi in person.  He took the time to chat with us for quite a while and truly loves entertaining children with his music.  He has a wonderful relaxed and easy going energy.  He has just written a book called Lightweb Darkweb which discusses the safety of children and social media.  I look forward to reading it. 

The Market has a "kids zone" where children can perform or sell their handmade goods as well.  These 3 violin players were very popular!

One of the reasons we love Salt Spring so much is that the Arts is such a major part of the culture there.  Where else do you find brightly painted pianos on the side of the road open to anyone who wants to sit down and play a tune?!  My musical family couldn't resist!

This year we left the Market a bit early for a picnic on top of Mt. Maxwell.   It's quite a drive to the top, the road is not well maintained at the end (read:  narrow winding road with massive potholes and clouds of dust!)  but it's so worth it...

...check out this view!

 We had our picnic in the shady forest.

And then finally back to the ferry terminal to browse in some of the funky shops and restaurants until the ferry arrived to take us home.

Another piano on the street!


 I hope that you enjoyed seeing the sites of Salt Spring Island!
 ~ joey ~


  1. Oh you met Raffi. My sister in law gave my son (now 34) a record of his which he adored! How wonderful. The market just looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. Cathyx

  2. This looks like a wonderful place to spend the day. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  3. Looks like a brilliant day out. I particularly like the driftwood burner. My daughter brought a bag of driftwood back from the beach, which I found today under her bed, in a plastic bag going a bit mouldy. She had various crafty plans, but I must show her this. I'm not sure we have enough sun for burning, but it is a great idea.

  4. I would love to visit Salt Spring Island one day... Thanks for sharing!


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