last week of spring garden update

The concrete jungle underwent some modifications due to some of the pots drying out and the plants becoming stressed.  The problem being that we don't have saucers for the really large pots so they dry out in a matter of hours (note the poor rhubarb on the left!).  It seemed that the bark mulch that they used to sit on was a handy way for them to stay moist so we have moved a few of the pots to other areas of the yard.

So the shelling and snap peas are now in the front of the house along with the buddleia and bergamot.  We have a couple of tomatoes in pots here as well.  We should be eating the shelling peas very soon!

Directly behind the plants in the above photo is the front walk that has a strip of garden that we plant our pole beans every year and train them up the front of the house.  This year we are trying some tomatoes here as well.  We have planted Gold Nugget, Gardeners Delight and Tumbler (yellow and red cherry), La Roma, Bonny Best (red slicing), and Taxi (yellow slicing).  This bed is known for slugs so I have put a ring of crushed eggs shells around each tomato plant.
Back over at the concrete jungle the mints and oregano are doing well.
 The black currants are almost ready.

The elderflower has two bunches of flowers this year.  Not enough to make pop or jam but I'm excited to see the flowers nonetheless!

The most excitement always comes from our pots of strawberries.  We have collected (and eaten) 150 so far!

Next on my to do list is to transplant the kale seedlings into big pots.  I will have to sew some netting covers to protect them from the cabbage butterflies.
And finally the roses are putting on a beautiful show at the moment.  People out for a walk stop to admire them all through the summer.

What is growing in your garden right now?


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
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