beach house decorating tour

It's that time of year again...when I feel the urge to change the "theme" of our home decor.  Since we live on the ocean, in the summer I like to make the house feel more like a beach house, casual, light and airy with a few nautical accents.  Let's take a tour...




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How are you preparing your home for summer?
 ~ joey ~

p.s.  I haven't finished my "weekend project" yet but I hope to reveal it soon!
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  1. Very pretty.. my house is done "Beach House" style.. though we live far away from the beach. BUT the goal is 4 years and we will be living at the beach too! (So I am trying to not be jealous of you lol)

  2. Lovely tour!
    I like how you change the environment in your house just with a little bit of this and that. Sure your children will be delighted at this new summer breeze!

  3. Beautiful! I love the beachy feel of your home, especially the pretty seashells and starfish everywhere! I'm in California and I love to decorate with seashells too!
    Angela at

  4. Beautiful, I love the idea of decorating the house for the seasons.


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