Mason bees at Playful Learning!

Hello!  Today I am at Playful Learning with a Backyard Science post on Mason Bees
I love that the roof of this mason bee house has been planted with moss and flowers at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific!

If you have been thinking about putting up a mason bee home in your garden or are looking for a fun backyard science lesson for your little ones, then head over to Playful Learning today!

 I will be discussing the life cycle of this docile, native bee and have designed some printable diagrams, an observation chart and a true/false quiz to use with your children!

I have also included links to fun videos, photos, books, learning materials, and how to build viewing boxes and a mason bee home yourself!

Have a bee-utiful day!


  1. Oh, when my kids are just a bit older this will be such a wonderful idea!!!
    Thank you for sharing this Joey,
    have a buzzy weekend, xx sas


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