Label Lessons: your guide to a healthy shopping cart

I was recently sent this free e-book put out by Naturally Savvy to review.  As I was scanning through the pages about various food products I stopped on pages 22-25 and let out a long sigh... nothing left natural anymore?!
 I have a daughter who, perhaps within the next couple of years, will start using sanitary pads and here I'm reading that there are harmful ingredients in them?!  What surprised me the most was that companies do not have to disclose the ingredients in a product that is so intimate with your body!  How can that be?

A few years ago I went through and "dechemicalized" our toiletries and (not knowing anything about this) decided to switch to Natracare products as they use organic cotton.  My daughter already understands why she'll be using this brand, so my concern is for those that aren't aware of what is in these products, and are unintentionally exposing their daughters to harmful ingredients.  Scary stuff!

So today I am passing this information on to you (and to all of the women in your life) as I think that it's something that needs some further investigation.  Download the free e-book and read more about what is in our food and health care products.

And because this is mainly a creative blog, perhaps we should make it into a creative project and make our own pads?!  Here are some links on how to make them: 

And just to add more fuel to the fire (ha ha!) the people that wrote this little e-book have done a short demonstration video of what happens when you light the pads of fire!  Enjoy!

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