creative in the garden

 Just popping in today with a quick post about where I have been focusing my creative energy for the past few days.  I hope you all had summer-like weather this past weekend as well!

 This was a big project as the space that is now garden was a mass of overgrown plants and shrubs.  It cleaned up well and my daughter carefully laid out a new rock border.  

 When the ferns fill in a bit and the transplants take root I think this garden will keep the side yard looking a lot tidier than before.  There's still more clean up to do but it felt like a good start. 

 We call it our "secret woodland garden" as this part of the property gets full shade so we can only plant shade loving plants here.

Little bits of fairy magic.

Over on the sunny side of the property the container garden is doing well.  The peas are up, the strawberries are flowering, and everything is looking more lush.

Did you have some time to create anything this past weekend?
~ joey ~ 

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Hope to see you again today!

  2. Such a lovely post Joey!
    A secret woodland garden that is just perfect.
    Thank you,
    Xxx sas


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