our concrete jungle

Gardening season is upon us so I thought I would share a few photos of what is happening in our "garden" right now.

First of all the location has shifted slightly for our container garden...
now better known as the concrete jungle!
 I am getting lazier in my old age and I'd rather be planting or harvesting my plants then pulling weeds.  So we asked to move our pots to part of a concrete pad where a shed used to stand, in order to keep the bark mulched areas drier and hopefully grow fewer weeds.  I'm just crossing my fingers at this point...! ;o)

Here are the first of some "in progress" photos...

 What we have done:
 Swept concrete pad, weeded bark mulch along fence, hubby added a few concrete blocks and a board along the concrete wall to create a shelf for "vertical gardening" and moved the smaller pots to the new space...then left me to play!

My very strong son roll the wooden spool table around the house to the new space, I examined all the plants and discarded the ones that didn't survive the winter.  Sadly, that included the 6 blueberry bushes behind the table. :o(  I then cleaned up the remaining plants and gave them a good water.

I have repotted most of our herbs that were in a location that has grown too shady and started a new "herb table".
Hubby moved the last of the big pots and I cleaned up and staked those plants.
I planted 3 pots of shelling peas and 1 pot of snow peas.

Seed report:
The tomatoes are up!  The kale, lettuce and spinach trays have been moved to outside.  The bell peppers and tomatoes are still inside.

I will compile a list later this week of all of the plants that are in this small space (we estimate is about 13'x6') to give an idea how much you can grow in a little concrete jungle!
Have a great week!
~ joey ~ 

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  1. We have a concrete jungle as well - well, truth be told, it is more like an asphalt jungle which is worse. I am always interested in seeing the steps people go through to have a garden...it feels so encouraging!

  2. This is inspirational. I live in the city, and while I have a backyard .. . it is many a landscape dollar away from being used at this point. There is actually concrete mixed in with the dirt! Hope you have a wonderful harvest this year!

  3. Impressive! Thanks for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!! Hope you come link up again today!


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