making: a flower fairy heating bag

making:  is a self-imposed quest to use up supplies that I have on hand to make things that are pretty, useful or to be enjoyed by someone else!  Won't you join me in clearing out the clutter?!
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I am especially happy with this project, (I'll share why in a minute)
today I made a heating bag with a removable cover for my daughter.

To sew a heating bag and a cover you will need:
~ fabric of your choice
~ thread
~ whole corn

To make the heating bag: 

 Step 1:  cut two pieces of fabric (I have used flannel 9"x6")
 Step 2:  lay one piece on top of the other and pin together

Step 3:  sew a 1/4" seam all around the perimeter leaving a 2" opening, then turn bag inside out


Step 4:  fill bag with whole corn* (not popcorn!)  I have used 2 cups for this size bag.
*Other grains can be used, however, a corn bag can also be used as an ice pack and washed when dirty, as long as it is microwaved (when the cloth is dry) to dry out any moisture in the corn.


Step 5:  fold in edges and sew opening closed.  Continue to sew around the entire perimeter of bag.
To make a cover for the heating bag:
 Step 1:  cut a front for your heating bag (I have used a 9 1/2"x7" flower fairy panel) and two pieces for the back similar in proportion as the photo. (the two back pieces will overlap to create a closure)

  Step 2:  on each piece, fold over 1/2" seam twice (to create a 1/4" hem) and sew.

 Step 3:  position the pieces right sides together, starting with your front piece facing up, then lay one of the back pieces on top facing down, and finally the second back piece on top of the second piece as shown in the photo.


 Step  4:  pin all of the pieces of fabric together and sew a 1/4" seam around the entire perimeter.  Trim corners as shown.


front                        back
 Step 5:  turn inside out

Step 6: stuff heating bag inside cover and you are done!

**place heating bag in the microwave for 1 minute or until warm (be careful not to over heat!)  Keep away from pets who may chew the bag and frequently check bag for holes where corn may leak out.**

heating bag on duvet cover
 The two reasons that this project makes me so happy is because of the fabrics that I chose especially for my daughter.  This small panel matches the Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairy fabric that my daughter chose for Gramma to sew her a duvet cover.
So to now have a matching heating bag cover is perfect!
The fabric I used on the back of the heating bag cover was also meaningful as it was a scrap left over from my daughter's favourite pair of Gramma-made flannel pj's.

The white flannel used to make the heating bag also has special meaning to me as it was from one of several much loved receiving blankets that my son toted everywhere as a toddler.  

I intend to make more heating bags for the rest of us just as soon as I pick out some fabrics that have special meanings to my son, husband and myself!

Do you have some scraps that you could sew up to make someone feel warm and loved?!
~ joey ~

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  1. I wasn't able to see all your pictures in this post for some reason, but the fairy heat bags are such a gorgeous, heartwarming idea. I love it.

  2. Sorry Anna,
    I'm not sure what happened last night but two of my tutorials (of course the two with the most photos) disappeared?!? I have fixed them the best I can, the spacing and such is still a bit off but at least you should be able to follow it now.
    Thanks for your kind comment,

  3. So pretty... I can see where a special one for each family member would be a treasued gift!! Thanks for sharing your post with us! I hope you join us again (yeah I know it’s a day late… linky issues) at Eco-Kids Tuesday!!


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