St. Patrick's Day crafting #5 - shamrock bunting

 This was my favourite project of the week as I have admired buntings for years but had never made one myself!

 4 pieces of beige canvas, felt or similar material
piece of green felt (large enough to cut out 4 shamrocks)
embroidery floss in 1 or 2 shades of green
embroidery needle
shamrock cookie cutter (to trace to make a template)
thin cardboard
  string or ribbon (to hang the bunting)
fabric glue

This project is very flexible and can easily be adjusted to fit your own specifications.

Note:  if you are not familiar with blanket stitch, I recommend watching this video.

 Step 1:
Trace the cookie cutter on a piece of thin cardboard, cut out to make a template.

Step 2:
Trace 4 shamrocks onto the green felt and cut out with scissors.

 Step 3:
Iron a 1/4" fold on the canvas.

 Step 4:
Blanket stitch around the 3 edges leaving the ironed edge for last.

  Step 5:
Slip the string or ribbon that you will hang the bunting with 
under the ironed hem...

  ...and continue to blanket stitch the last edge.
Step 6:
Blanket stitch around each shamrock.
 Step 7:
Glue a shamrock onto each bunting.  Trim any loose threads and...

...hang for all to admire! ;o)

I hope that you enjoyed this week of 
St. Patrick's Day crafts 
(if you  missed any of the posts you can see them all here)
Sharing Creative Ideas {all weekend} 
is coming up tomorrow.
Please share with us what you have been making!
~ joey ~ 


  1. Your Shamrock Bunting is wonderful, thanks for sharing the tutorial! :)

  2. What a great idea to use a cookie cute as a stencil!


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