DIY woolly sheep

My kids and I first made these little woolly sheep several years ago when we saw them in a Waldorf book (that I have unfortunately forgotten the name of, if anyone knows, please leave a comment!)  I found a similar sheep here, but thankfully they are quite simple to make so I was able to remember the steps. 

To make one sheep you will need:
~ white wool roving
(grey, black or brown looks nice too!)
~ one 12" light brown pipe cleaner
(or dark brown, grey, white or black)
~ needle felting needle
~ wire cutters
~ round nosed pliers

Step 1:  Cut pipe cleaner into the following lengths:  one 4.5", two 3" and one 1.5".

Step 2:  To make the "frame" of the sheep take the 4.5" piece and attach (by twisting) the two 3" pieces (the legs) about 1" from the tail end and 1.5" from the head end.  The 1.5" piece forms the ears by twisting them onto the head and then folding over the end to make a rounded nose.  Leave the tail long for now.

 Step 3:  Follow the photos to wrap the roving around the sheep's frame. (note:  in these photos I have not formed the head yet)
 Starting on the back, go under the front right leg, over the left shouldar, around the neck, and back under the left leg.

 Turn the sheep so that the head is on the left side and the tail on the right.  Now wrap the wool over the back, under the belly, around the left back leg, under the right back leg, back under the tail up to the back of the sheep.

Still with me?!  Now is the easiest step...

...wrap the rest of the roving around the belly of the sheep until he's nice and plump!

 Step 4:  If you haven't already, bend the pipe cleaner to make the head (twist on the ears) and bend the tail.  Using the round nosed pliers fold over any sharp ends of wire.

 Step 5:  Gently poke with a needle felting needle to shape into a fluffy sheep shape and you are done!

As an alternative you can use chunky wool to wrap your sheep, he'll turn out something like this...
I think they are both cute!  What do you think?
~ joey ~ 

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  1. Your sheep are soo cute. They look much easier to do than wrap all that roving around their legs etc. I could never get mine to look just so.

  2. I must learn to needle felt!!!! In the meantime, I will try the alternative with chunky wool. Thanks!!

  3. I think you are adorable, and the sheep are adorable, and that you are very generous to do a tutorial for the pipe-cleaner challenged among us (which may be only me). Thank you for the little vacation in the middle of my chaotic day.


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