creative spaces - hallway storage

I recently decided to give this little hallway that leads to our laundry room a make over.  It's not a very large space but I felt it had potential to offer some handy storage as it's just off the kitchen.  The hall is visible from the living room/dining room (which is where I stood to take this photo) so I didn't want it to look like a utility closet, it had to be pretty to look at as you pass by.

Here are some more BEFORE photos:

(here you can see the doorway into the kitchen)

 (and this is the area above the french door, you'll see why I included this photo in a minute!)
I cleared everything out of the space and cleaned every inch - the french door, walls, mouldings, baseboards and the light fixture.  Now I had a clean slate I collected up bits and pieces that I thought might be useful that were either in storage or another part of the house.  The only thing that I didn't have were peg hooks, so a quick trip up to the Thrift Store and I found two pine Ikea peg hooks for $2 each.  I was now ready to start putting it all together.

 This whole project basically started with this white curtain.  The french door is old and drafty and I wanted to save some of our precious heat!  Then I added a small pine shelf unit against the wall.  The curtain and shelves are also from Ikea.

 One of the peg hooks now holds our ironing board, broom (you can just see the wood handle) and a small metal pail.

 The second strip of peg hooks holds our apron, feather duster, hand broom, fly swatter (it's really ugly so until I find a replacement it's hidden behind the duster!) and some long bamboo tongs that we use to pick up things when they fall behind an appliance or furniture.  My brother in law painted the picture above.

 I utilized the space above the door by adding a shelf to store empty baskets.

So here it is all put together!
(with the curtain open)

(and with the curtain closed)

  This is the view of the hallway from the kitchen.  I filled the pine shelves with baskets to store our wash cloths, dish cloths, hand towels, cleaning rags, the iron, cloth bags and additional recycling.
I also hung a small cupboard above the shelves for this......'s my first little apothecary cabinet!  I keep our essential oils, grated beeswax, coconut oil, distilled water, bath salts, incense sticks, crystals, smudging supplies, containers, bottles and homeopathic remedies all in one spot now.  Very exciting! 

 I think everyone should have a little cabinet in their home filled with things that makes them happy every time they open it, don't you?!  :o)

 I would love to hear your thoughts about this little space and hear about creative spaces that you have created in your home!
~ joey ~ 


  1. ok this is full on amazing! what a great way to use that space. when i was looking at the top pix, i had no idea what you would be able to fit in that space. it turned out wonderfully!

  2. Wow!!! Very nice! Please remember to share it with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!!!

  3. I am jealous of your cabinet. ;) And I love the wooden pegs shelves. I will have to look for those at our Ikea!

    Thank you for linking up to Waldorf Wednesday. Hope to see you back this week!


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