knitting for beginners

Start by making your own knitting needles! Tutorial here
I have been a "beginner knitter" all my life.  My grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 10 and I really haven't progressed at all since then.

I have, however, found that I get great pleasure knitting what I can with my basic skills.

Scarves are mostly what I knit so this Boxing Day I treated myself to a ball of organic cotton yarn to do something a wee bit different.  

I am allergic to wool and acrylic so it doesn't leave me much choice when chosing yarn.  I am very thankful that spinners and companies are now experimenting with different blends of natural yarns.

The yarn I chose is called Nature's Choice made by Lion Brand Yarns in Pistachio.  It is so soft and has just a bit of "chunkiness" so it is wonderful to knit with.

With this project I didn't even count the stitches, I just cast on enough stitches until it looked about the right width.  Then I kept knitting until the ball was just about used up, cast off, flipped over one end and sewed the two ends together to create a twist.  Voila I now have a cowl to wear under my coat on chilly days!

Another "beginner project" that I made for my daughter's Waldorf doll Emily for Christmas is a little skirt.  I simply knit a rectangle until it fit around her waist and stitched it up the back.  A wool felt flower with a button centre made a cute accent and allowed me to "match" it to the wool felt vest and boots that I also made.  Because I can't knit vests and boots (yet) this was how I could make an entire outfit!

 If you are a beginner knitter (or experienced) I would love to hear about and see your knitting projects.

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  1. I just finished my own scarf over the holidays. It looks complicated, but was easy, I bet you can make it as well! (

    I also just finished a trial version of homemade needles and have to admit that I wish I would have seen your tutorial first. . . I'll blog about mine soon!

  2. I would classify myself as an experienced beginner! Nice cowl!

  3. Your cowl is beautiful! Lovely colour too.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  4. Gosh that is beautiful! I am not a knitter at all. Maybe someday :) Thanks for sharing this with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!

  5. You knit great! Keep up the great work. My favorite knitting project is I'm still a beginner. I'm glad you shared this on Eco Kids. I'm featuring this. :)

  6. Hey Joey,
    I love that cowl. We have been making lots of potholders and bean bags. I am going to add this post to your other one I referenced in my first grade knitting post. Hope that's OK.

    Happy New year!

  7. Wow to receive so much encouragement as a newbie knitter is wonderful thank you all!

    Sheila - of course you may link this to your post, your blog is fantastic!


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