it's a new year . . .

poem from Syrendell's newsletter, needlefelted catkins tutorial here
Today is the day that it starts to sink in that the Holidays are officially over.

The kids and hubby are back at school and work, the Christmas decorations are all put away and I have started the post-Christmas clean!  Like many others,
are the big items on my To Do List right now.

handmade bowl filled with needlefelted acorns

Also on my list is 
to try to keep our creative souls energized through these grey days of winter!

I have enlisted three books to help me with this part.

 This book is more for me but I think my daughter may enjoy it as well.

Some of the crafts that I hope to convince the kids to try with me are making paper beads, delicate paper lanterns, and a braided fabric hot mat.


This book also has instructions on making paper beads, as well as watercolour envelopes, birdseed garland, silhouette charms and recycled crayons.

Sound intriguing?...I'll let you know how we do.
What projects are you working on this January?

~ joey ~  



  1. I love the needlefelted acorns... my mama has been making those!

  2. I love em, they are such a quick little project and turn out so sweet. Beware, they are addictive!
    ~ joey ~


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